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In solid bar, flanges, fittings, pipe, sheet, large forgings hollow bar and fasteners.

The main grades used in Australia are 2, 5, 7 and 12.

Titanium Grade 2, (DIN 3.7035)UNS R50400

Grade 2 is the main commercially pure unalloyed titanium grade. The grade possesses good strength, ductility and weld ability and is used for corrosion resistant applications where ease of fabrication and welding are important . Used in the marine industry, power generation, chemical processing and desalination plants.

Titanium Grade 5. (DIN 3.7165)UNS R56400

Grade 5 also known as Ti6AL4V,or Ti-6AL-4V It is the most commonly used titanium alloy which is significantly stronger than commercially pure titanium (grade 2). This grade is heat treatable and has excellent combination of corrosion resistance, strength and weld ability. Used in engine components, marine applications, fasteners, offshore and power generation.

Titanium Grade 7. (DIN 3.7225)UNS R52400

Grade 7 is physically and mechanically equivalent to grade 2 with the addition of palladium making it the most corrosion resistant of all the titanium alloys. Used in chemical processing.

Titanium Grade 12. (DIN 3.7105)UNS R53400

Grade 12 is highly durable which also has high strength at elevated temperatures. Used in high temperature chemical manufacture, marine and aircraft components.

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